About Us


Envicon since its inception from 2013 strongly believe in providing high quality medicine at an affordable price to the stakeholder including patient, doctors, nurses, to the mother, father and including all who use our products and services.


The unique and inseparable part of envicon pharmaceuticals is his highly professional and experienced filed forces which are committed and accountable. We respect the customer’s requirement and serve them accurately and promptly.


Our vast networking through cnf and stockiest helps us to reach our quality medicine to every corner of society.

We provide a wide variety of product catering mass, speciality and super-speciality segment.


Initiated by only 5 products majorly from gastrointestinal segment, NSAID, haematology and nutricitical giving a robust growth since last 3 years. Presently we are growing @ of 100%. Our future focus will be to strengthen the product portfolio in various segments including diabetic, cardiovascular nephrology, haematology, and neurology.


We are also responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We encourage civic improvement and better health and education. We protect the environment and natural resources.



Our mission is to become a transnational pharmaceutical company through development of high quality innovative pharmaceuticals which could serve diverse medical needs.



Envicon pharmaceutical is dedicated to bring innovative product portfolio which are affordable, accessible and acceptable to the stakeholder. We are working to achieve this vision through social, economic and humanistic means.



Fulfill our social responsibilities by performing our duties

Contribute to society by respecting the environment, supporting community development, and helping address community problems.


Higher volume through lower price

Collaborating with the new stakeholder in the super speciality and speciality segment

Customising according to the market

Shifting towards prevention

Launching patient programme

Realigning field force strategy


Attract qualified professionals throughout .

Motivate and appropriately reward employees, provide equal opportunities, and support career development.

Value and commitment: our value and commitment is the core of our attitude. Our value comprises of innovation-which is our passion, integrity- our strength and accountability-our culture.



1. To create first-in-class and best-in-class drugs.

2. To take a global perspective, and respect local values.

3. To foster intellectual curiosity and strategic insight .


4. To provide the highest quality medical information

5. To provide a stable supply of top-quality pharmaceutical products

6. To be an ethical, trusted, and respectful partner .



People are the biggest asset of Envicon. Envicon success can be attributed to the relentless effort and commitment given by the multicultural employees.


They are all indoctrinated in progressiveness in various facets of environment that makes them strong enough to fight with real challenges.